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May 21, 2020
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We are indeed living in strange times!

Who really believed that a ‘simple’ cold-like virus would become a global pandemic in such a short amount of time and have leaders of countries across the world urgently searching for solutions. A virus that has decimated employment and cross border markets and yet has taught us about what might actually be important in our lives.

People. So many of them. Our family, our neighbours, our friends, and the very many that help us live our day to day lives that we have never met.

As we have been urged and in many cases ordered by our political leaders to isolate from each other to stop the spread of this virus, we have been starkly reminded of what binds us as a community and a society. We have learnt that we don’t see our loved ones maybe as much as we should. That time with them and our friends is precious and cannot be gotten back.  At the same time, we have watched others selflessly put themselves into the fray of the dangerous and infecting front line to help and to save so many. Those nurses, doctors, cleaners, ambulance staff, assistants, and others that ensure our hospitals and health services operate, we may never be able to thank enough. 

We have learnt that there are so many other people that keep our society functioning. These shop workers, delivery drivers, farmers, call centre workers, refuse collectors, builders and so many others who enable our world to keep turning.

We have learnt that we took many things for granted like our morning takeaway coffee, the sandwich shop, going to the supermarket, the high streets and the markets, going to the library, getting on a bus, the restaurants and cafes that we have been reminded are actually run and staffed by actual people rather than just being a global brand.

Hopefully, when this is over and we go out into the world again to restart our lives, we remember that it is people that make and shape our communities, our societies, our lives. People just like us who have been afraid, alone, missed, and worked so very hard in such difficult circumstances. And we must remember to cherish all of them. Always.

By: James Carr. Partner, Maginaires, UK

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