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What Is a W-9 Tax Form?

But an Employer Identification Number (EIN) may be needed instead of their Social Security Number in two instances. Below are examples of entities that can enter an EIN when filing a W-9. Individuals working as independent contractors hired by other individuals or other companies must fill out Form W-9s if they receive $600 or more for their services. However, the following payments made to a corporation and reportable on Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income, are not exempt from backup withholding. Requesters may establish a system for payees and payees’ agents to submit Forms W-9 electronically, including by fax.

  1. Charities and nonprofits must fill out W-9 forms to be eligible for tax-exempt status.
  2. Although the IRS considers scholarships and other education-based financial grants non-taxable, students receiving the scholarship may still be required to fill out a Form W-9.
  3. Backup withholding is money sent to the IRS from income payments which otherwise wouldn’t be subject to withholding.
  4. The U.S. person signing a W-9 on behalf of a nonprofit must either be the owner or have the organization’s consent to sign the form.
  5. At the end of the tax year, the business you did work for will use the information on your W-9 to complete a 1099-MISC.

Protect the confidential information by sending it via an encrypted email, by hand delivery, or by mail. You should always exercise caution when giving out sensitive information like your name, address, SSN or EIN
so take steps to transmit W-9 information securely. Make sure the person taking your information is authorized to do so.

What is form W-9?

Entering false information constitutes an information return penalty, starting at $50 per erroneous information for the first 30 days. If the supplied false information hasn’t been corrected within 30 days, the penalty amount increases to $50 through August 1, then to $110 if it still hasn’t been corrected after August 1. In the case of a Single-Member Limited-Liability Corporation (SMLLC) that hasn’t elected to be treated as a corporation or a partnership, the IRS considers it a disregarded entity. In this instance, the SMLLC owner must enter their SSN into a Form W-9. Individuals with a sole proprietorship status must enter their SSN into a Form W-9 if they haven’t yet received or applied for an EIN.

What Happens When a Requester Can’t Obtain a W-9 Form From Their Contractor?

However, in some cases, individuals who become U.S. resident aliens for federal tax purposes are not eligible to obtain an SSN. This includes certain resident aliens who must receive information returns but who cannot obtain an SSN. A W-9 must be collected if payment is being made and withholding taxes are not being deducted.

W-9 forms are used in many different situations, often for independent contractors or freelancers. It’s important to fill out the form correctly as you may be subject to penalties if it is completed incorrectly; however, all of the information should be relatively easy for you to obtain. Be mindful of how you distribute the form to the requesting party, and take care of protecting your sensitive information and accurate tax reporting status. That means you’ll be responsible for the employer’s share of Social Security and Medicare taxes, and you won’t be eligible for unemployment compensation if you are laid off.

Otherwise, one option is to use a free online service to encrypt your completed Form W-9 and email it securely to the requester. Financial institutions may ask a new client to fill out a W-9 as it is a useful way of collecting and recording a customer’s details. Real estate businesses may also ask tenants to complete a W-9 as a method of storing their information as well. Check the appropriate box for the U.S. federal tax classification of the person whose name is
entered on line 1. Though a lot of the information these forms collect is similar, they represent different types of business relationships.

When you hear that you need to fill out a W-9, you might think it will be a complicated tax form. The good news here is that filling out a W-9 is a fairly short form. You might have other questions as you complete a Form W-9, so download the instructions with the form. The name on line 1 should never be a disregarded entity – a single owner LLC. With this user-friendly tax software, registered NerdWallet members pay one fee, regardless of your tax situation. In addition, you have the option to list relevant account numbers at the end of this top section of the Form W-9.

Before you even fill it out, verify that the request for your form is legitimate. Use a secure method of delivery, like hand delivery, mail or encrypted file attachment. You want to make sure you’re not accidentally w-9 sending your personal information to the wrong people. When you start a new job, there’s a lot of paperwork to fill out, from direct deposit documents and benefits enrollments to your W-4 form.

Should I Enter an SSN or EIN on a Form W-9?

Sole proprietorships and single-owner S corporations are similar in that income passes through to the single owner/shareholder, but they’re not generally thought of as disregarded entities. Enter your business name or “disregarded entity” name, if different from the name you entered for step 1. For example, you might be a sole proprietor, but for marketing purposes, you don’t use your personal name as your business name; instead, you are “doing business as” some other name. Ask your employer or client to invite you to fill out your W-9. If you already have a QuickBooks Self-Employed account, ask them to send the invite to the email address you use to sign in. If you don’t have an account, you can create a limited QuickBooks Self-Employed account just for your forms.

You will also have to submit new W-9 forms any time you change your name, business name, address or tax ID number. Most of the time, a company or financial institution will send you a blank W-9 form to complete before you begin business with them. If you need to issue the form, you can download a W-9 from the IRS website.

Instructions for the

The deadline for form 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC is January 31, and most other 1099s are due around the same time. Signing and dating this section certifies that all of the information you’re entering here is correct. The account number(s) section only applies if you need to send account information (like a brokerage account) to the recipient of form If you’re unsure, it’s best to reach out to whoever requested the form W-9 from you.

This includes freelance workers or gig employees under non-employment structures. However, a W-2 is only issued to employees of a company, not independent contractors or unrelated vendors. This includes but is not limited to income paid to a person as part of a contract, certain real estate transactions, dividends paid against an investment, and various other financial transactions. Many entities can request a W-9; although this list isn’t inclusive, here are some of the most common examples. The following payees are exempt from backup withholding with respect to the payments below, and should enter the corresponding exempt payee code on Form W-9. You may rely on the payee’s claim of exemption unless you have actual knowledge that the exempt payee code and/or classification selected are not valid, or if they are inconsistent with each other.

The following are not specified U.S. persons and are thus exempt from FATCA reporting. This might have happened if you didn’t report all your interest and dividends on a previous tax return. If you haven’t received this letter, and if you provide your tax identification number to the requester of Form W-9, then you are not subject to backup withholding. If you are subject to backup withholding, cross out item two in part two of Form W-9 before submitting it. An unscrupulous or financially struggling employer might try to classify an employee as an independent contractor to save money. If you’re classified as an independent contractor, your employer’s tax “savings” will come out of your pocket as self-employment tax.

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