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How to Turn a Closet into a Home Office

Remember, function should always go ahead of form so less would always bring you more. Opt for a minimalist type of décor when considering these closet office ideas. To store extra volumes while still keeping them on display, place books on the top shelf of the closet. If you’re a real bookworm, add a few more shelves and turn the space into a mini library. The desktop is just a piece of 1/2″ plywood cut to the width of the closet, and the desired depth.

Empty soda cans might occupy room in the recycling bin, but they are more useful inside a cramped closet. By doubling the number of clothing, you can hang on a single hanger. Just pop the tab off of the can and slip it around the hanger’s hook. You can then slip one more hanger through the gap in the tab. Remove your frequently worn items from the closet and put them out in the open, in a freestanding organizer.

Free Download. Ultimate Desk Setup Checklist (50+ Ideas Inside)

Cut out paper templates or mark their outer edges in pencil so you have a solid idea of how everything will and won’t fit. Or you could get seriously fancy and install a full-on desk system. This is lovely, with so much storage above and below the desk. You can leave the doors on if you want to be able to close it away.

converting a closet to an office

We can help you make and turn a closet into the office of your dreams a reality. Contact us today and we can get you started creating a more efficient workflow and better use of your home’s space. These components are sized for a 7′ x 2′-deep closet. A dedicated workspace can make you exponentially more productive. Taking care of your office space is taking care of yourself – and, you deserve it. If you’re transforming a coat closet, your biggest limiting factor will be the depth of the closet.

Closet Office Ideas (Room Conversion Guide)

If you want to feel more focused, blue or gray is considered the right color. In opposed to it, warm tones like orange or yellow ignite creativity and passion. You have literally converted a closet into an office. So, here’s how you should use the closet for organizing office supplies. Now, it would be ridiculous to bring a regular desk into the closet. You have to be a little crafty and make yourself one.

  • There’s usually a large desk area that has room for your monitor (or monitors), your computer, pencil holders, phone, pictures, and coffee cup.
  • If your home office is windowless and gloomy, set up shop in the sunniest room in the house.
  • After all, an average desk has a depth of 20 – 30 inches.
  • That’s why people usually go for gray or other solid colors like teal green, and ocean blue when choosing a background for the new office.
  • But this is where choosing the right closet is a big issue—particularly in old houses where the placement of the closets may defy modern logic.

Tucked away behind sliding barn doors; this desk area has a window with a view. This design by Tazz Lighting features a closet-turned-office that incorporates a custom-built desk and shelving, as well as a cozy reading nook. LED rope lighting underneath the shelving provides all the light needed to work. As popular as it is purposeful, the built-in closet office could be undertaken in several methods, no matter the closet design’s size.

Wiring Your Closet Office – Get Help Online

Lastly, do a little research to develop racks, bins, shelves, rods, and DIY remedies that you can use to organize your small walk-in closet perfectly. Stow, sort, and organize a walk in closet with techniques that reflect your closet to office conversion style. If you are considering some small walk in closet ideas, think about the places where you will put your stuff. It is essential to provide each item a proper, reachable place when planning a small walk in closet.

  • LED rope lighting underneath the shelving provides all the light needed to work.
  • Begin by measuring the closet to see if your desk, printer, or filing cabinets will fit.
  • You can add these boards on walls and doors to create flexible storage space for whatever you need.
  • Run your shelves high up against the wall and maximize as much vertical space as you possibly can.
  • Here are some ways for you to convert your closet into an office.
  • Closets are initially painted white or pastels in most homes.

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